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Steady Oak Forest Trust

Arboriculture and Forestry from a Natural Perspective


Lifelong love of Natural Forest environments is met with years of experience and study of tree pruning, eco-forestry, successional harvest and thinning, hazard reduction, and adapting light and airflow patterns for healthy trees in harmony with the inhabited landscape.

Consistent Connection


At this stage of time, we seek deeper relationships with the trees and people we work with. For this, we formed a Cooperative Private Membership Association. We invite you to rely on us as a dedicated “family physician” for your trees and forest edge environments. Tree lifespans match our own, and there is great value from taking approaches made with foresight, consistency, and consideration of all elements in the environment. One cannot affect one tree or branch without affecting the whole, and it’s this holistic way that we aim to practice and encourage in our work.

Tree Care with deep consideration of the environmental perspectives of beauty, wildlife, micro-climate, light, succession, and health.

The results of Tree Pruning can be quite hard to capture through photography. We have begun production of video footage of the work, to give a glimpse of the type of choices and attention we provide.

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