painted by Kate Huntington, Providence 2009

Michael Giroux

In 2003, I began seeing that there are many new elements in home design that are lacking in most buildings we experience. As the home is such a central indicator of our daily well-being, I chose this focus, finding opportunities to learn all I could about building and carpentry.

All with the concept in mind of creating the next era of homes which require less energy inputs for comfort, are built of lasting materials sourced responsibly, and which fit into their environments in natural ways to limit exposure to damage or weather extremes.

Realizing that a home is not made of wood and stone alone, but mainly the relations of the people within, I also began studying psychology, sociology, and economics. Now I am prepared for the cooperative business as well as physical construction and design elements needed to advance living environments that suit the inspiration of our next generations.

Throughout the last 15 years I have met and worked with a broad range of folks to learn the endless techniques of creating on Earth. Many of these relationships carry on and continue to support the collaborative creation that permeates the process I follow.

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