Earth Weavers

Environments of reliability and beauty, Woven within and among all life on Earth.

Cooperating with unique aspects of homes to design and build elements inspiring health and enjoyment.

Acting and thinking in multi-generational eras for durable, passive elements that limit resource assumptions and improve the surrounding environment and natural life.


As things decay, they may be changed or replaced with alternatives, to be long-lasting, beneficial, and wisely sourced. Our built environments included toxic materials that cause problems over time, such as drywall, lead paint, lawn chemicals, old pipes, and beyond. Many house systems were also designed to rely on major resource inputs, like heating fuel and electricity. These present challenges for the coming years, and with the new developments in building materials, each repair is a chance to set things right for the days to come.


Primary among our goals is the reliable access to clean Water, Food, and comfortable Shelter for our family and you. We may design and adapt systems to provide this passively and regularly, accounting for the unique elements of any home. Existing resources like water, trees, land, and topography all provide opportunities for resilient environments supporting our lives, as well as the local climate and wildlife. These can be examined as a whole, and then approached wisely to affect the whole home to become a sustaining life machine.


In coming years, many homes may become obsolete due to damage, extensive repair shortfalls, unaffordable resource needs, or catastrophe. It will often be more attainable to build a cozy, durable, simple home in an environment with favorable resource access. We feel this bold move will be far stronger when done alongside others on a similar path. For this we are gathering homesteaders and investors to buy land and build neighboring family homesteads incorporating new and classic methods in natural building, home gardening, and community.

Actively Seeking Opportunities to Help You Achieve Reliable Beautiful Changes to Your Home

Earth Weavers forming a new team to take on projects anywhere in in America. Follow the links for more about specific services and specialties, as well as our long-range vision of reliable Family Homesteads for the future generations.

Our Team

Earth Weavers is the foundation for a lifetime of Earth healing work as dedicated by Michael Giroux and a small team. Nearly 20 years of experience and research have set the tone, connecting various skills and styles to the simplicity of Life on Earth when we work along with nature as humble and wise stewards.

More About Us


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