Steady Oak Forest Association

Benefits of Membership

  • Site Assessment and optional written report.
  • Records of previous work and chance to thoughtfully budget for workflow efficiency.
  • Discounts on returning to a tree that has already been worked.
  • Potential extension of credit terms for big or emergency jobs.
  • Invitations to events and workshops at Member pricing.
  • Development of a fund to extend tree care for elderly or burdened Members.
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Please email Michael at for more information and to join our Membership Association.

Steady Oak Forest Trust exists for the care and cultivation of Trees, forests, land, and animals, and to deepen mankind’s connection with Natural creation. We conduct this by partnering with Association Members to assess, plan and fulfill work that meets these goals. Primarily this consists of pruning and removing trees to encourage healthy and balanced landscapes. We adopt principles of Holistic Management, where small adjustments made with patience, may bring profound and natural results over time. We have chosen a Membership model to encourage relationships between us and the trees that can be followed through the years.

Steady Oak Forest Association accepts dues of a gift of $50. These funds support community projects, and allow you access to our tree and garden services and Member content. For Members we provide a basic consultation and site visit. We are growing a service area covering the entire lower 48 States of America. Relationships with people who care about their land and intend to steward it actively and intentionally are the foundation we hope to build our work upon, standing firmly on the Land.

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