Survival Services

Primary among our goals is reliable access to clean Water, Food, and comfortable Shelter for our family and clientele.

We may design and adapt systems to provide this passively and consistently, accounting for the unique elements of any home and location.

Existing resources like water, trees, land, and topography all provide opportunities for resilient environments supporting our lives, as well as benefiting the local climate and wildlife. These can be examined as a whole, and then approached wisely to affect the complete home to become a sustaining life machine.

Food Resilience

The importance of a well-stocked pantry waned in society’s eye for a few decades, yet now its time may shine again. Consider your homes ability to produce, preserve, store, and keep food, and the proper capacity needed, including during our occasional disruptions due to weather, trade, crop failures, or unforeseen crises.

Trees and Land

Trees affect the movement of wind, sunlight and moisture through the environment. Adjusting these things, and maintaining the health of your trees, can bring instant benefits. Meanwhile, proactive planting for the future can bring an ideal situation for generations to come.

Rain and Energy Harvest

Two of our regularly used resources, water and power, are available freely from the environment. Upfront work to set up a perpetual system can save cash over the years, and provide the security of having redundant systems with minimal complexity.

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